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Use our tools to generate leases for various livestock and lease types.


For generating new cattle lease agreements on designated property.


For generating new apiary lease agreements on designated property.


For terminating cattle and apiary lease agreements on designated property.

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What are Land2Farm's land lease generators? 

Our land lease generators are simple forms, accessible from your mobile or desktop device, where you can enter enter basic property and lease information to instantly generate leases/terminations for potential agreements. At the moment, you can draft documents for apiary and cattle lease agreements, along with terminations for apiary and lease agreements.

Often, it can take a dozen individually drafted agreements before a deal is agreed upon - to avoid the headache of working with legal representation, our generator lets you create new agreements in under a minute, without having to rely on a third party to constantly make adjustments.

How do I use it?

Our lease generators are very intuitive to use - all you need are a few minutes and a few key pieces of property/lease information to successfully fill out the lease agreement. Information you will need to fill out the form includes:

  • Type of lease (apiary/cattle/etc.)

  • Current date

  • Lease start and end date

  • County and State of land

  • Land acreage, tax folio number, rent for land, and legal description

  • Landlord's name and address

  • Tenant's name and address

With this information on hand, it will take you under 5 minutes to fill out. As you make adjustments to your lease, you can come back and update the information you put it and draft the new agreements.

How much are the land lease generators?

Currently, both our land lease and land lease termination wizards are $19.99/month, which includes the lease wizard and technical support. We aim to make these generators as inexpensive and accessible as possible.

The conventional method of drafting a lease agreement involves working with an attorney which can cost hundreds of dollars and result in multi-day delays. Our lease generators are unlimited use and instantaneous - a necessary when negotiating and drafting lease agreements.

If you cannot afford to purchase our land lease generators at this time, please send us an email at

I'm having trouble using the generator, what should I do?

If you are having trouble using the generator, please reach out to us at and we will assist you.

We take the hassle out of finding opportunities for landowners and beekeepers. Connect with thousands of landowners, beekeepers, and farmers, all for free.

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