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West Virginia

West Virginia

WV Statute: 110-1A

The term "agriculture" shall mean cultivation of the soil, including the planting and harvesting of corps and the breeding and management of livestock.  See W. Va. Code '11-5-3.  Unless the context requires a more limited meaning, the term "agriculture" includes "horticulture" and "grazing".  In this context, the term "agriculture" shall mean the production of food, fiber, and ornamental woodland products, by means of cultivation, tillage of the soil and by the conduct of farm animal, livestock, dairy, apiary, equine or poultry husbandry, and the practice of horticulture, or any other plant or farm animal production and all farm practices related, usual or incidental thereto, including storage, packing, shipping and marketing, but not including any manufacturing, milling or processing of such products by persons other than the producer thereof.

The deadline to file for an agricultural classification is September 1st.

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