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ORS 308A.056:  “farm use” in part, as follows:“Farm use” means the current employment of land for the primary purpose of obtaining a profit in money by:

• Raising, harvesting, and selling crops;

• Feeding, breeding, management, and sale of, or the production of, livestock, poultry, fur-bearing animals, or honeybees;

• Dairying and selling dairy products;

• Stabling or training equines;• Propagation, cultivation, maintenance, and harvesting of aquatic, bird, and animal species allowed by rules adopted by the State Fish and Wildlife Commission;

• On-site construction and maintenance of equipment and facilities used for qualifying farm activities;

• Preparation, storage, and disposal by marketing or otherwise, of the products or by-products raised on such land for human or animal use;

• Implementing a remediation plan to restore land to farm use;

•Any other agricultural or horticultural use, animal husbandry, or any combination thereof;

The deadline to file for an agricultural classification is April 1st.

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