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NRS 361A.030

1.  “Agricultural use” means the current employment of real property as a business venture for profit, which business produced a minimum gross income of $5,000 from agricultural pursuits during the immediately preceding calendar year by:

(a) Raising, harvesting and selling crops, fruit, flowers, timber and other products of the soil;

(b) Feeding, breeding, management and sale of livestock, poultry, or the produce thereof, if the real property used therefor is owned or leased by the operator and is of sufficient size and capacity to produce more than one-half of the feed required during that year for the agricultural pursuit;

(c) Operating a feed lot consisting of at least 50 head of cattle or an equivalent number of animal units of sheep or hogs, for the production of food;

(d) Raising furbearing animals or bees;

No application is needed to file for an agricultural classification.

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