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Save on your taxes.

Save the environment.

Put bees on your land.

Land2Farm pairs landowners with beekeepers to place hives on your land. Promote environmental conservation and save on your taxes.


Who We Are

Welcome to Land2Farm, a comprehensive, free-to-use marketplace connecting 

landowners with beekeepers 

looking to lease land for apiary use. We are built by landowners and beekeepers for landowners and beekeepers.

At Land2Farm, we harness the power of community to help people find the services and opportunities they are looking for, all for free.

Who We Work With


At Land2Farm, we help landowners find beekeepers to place apiaries on their land. By placing honeybees on your property, we will help you save up to 99% on your property tax.

If you already receive agriculture tax exemptions, you can still put honeybees on your land to generate lease income and help us promote conservation!



At Land2Farm, we help  beekeepers find landowners with prime vacant landBy working with landowners, we unlock thousands of acres of land perfect for your honeybees' foraging. 

Connecting with landowners allows beekeepers to generate more lease and tax income while growing their environmental impact. Whether you are brand new to commercial beekeeping or are looking to grow your operation, Land2Farm helps you find 10x more land.


Don't know where to start? Fill out our form here and we will send you in the right direction.


We are always looking for new and exciting partners to help us promote apiary conservation through agriculture tax classifications!

If you would be interested in assisting us in this mission, call us at (772) 332-9707 or send us an email at


We take the hassle out of finding opportunities for landowners and beekeepers. Connect with thousands of landowners, beekeepers, and farmers, all for free.

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